In our club we have a place for every type of paddler – the downwind junkie looking for the next thrill of the beginner paddler who is happy to paddle in the summer months on Strand.

For the Intermediate junkies we host Tuesday night time trails during the summer months and in the winter months we head over to Blue Rock.
Tuesday night time trials take various forms – it can be an out and back in a Southerly wind, Gordons Bay to SSLC in a South Easter, Bikini beach or a 10 km circuit in front of the SSLC. The winter time trial is a 10 km flat water paddle at Blue Rock that is a great way to improve your fitness and help you to get to the next level.
Novices are more than welcome to contact us and join us Tuesday evenings.  Someone will be available to take you through the do`s and don’ts of paddling.

There are a few safety precautions we all take before getting on the water:

• Ensure that you are able to swim proficiently.

• To wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

• To avoid being separated from your ski when you fall out by a leg leash or a tie down.

• Ensure you are able to remount into your ski in deep water.

• Be aware of the paddling conditions(Wind, waves and fog)

• If possible check the weather forecasts or contact someone from the club

• Wear the appropriate clothing to prevent dehydration, hypothermia, sunburn and sunstroke.

• Also make sure to wear bright coloured clothing.

• Avoid paddling on your own.

• Always inform someone if you go paddling. Tell them where you are paddling to and when you are expected back.

Western Cape Canoe Union (WCCU) & Canoe South Africa (CSA) Registration

In order to complete, CSA sanctioned surfski or canoe races, you must be registered as a paddler with WCCU and CSA. The registration process is not handled by the clubs any longer and all registrations and renewals must be done directly on the new CSA Paddlers registration portal. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete your WCCU & CSA registration –