We strive to teach children to have a healthy respect for the sea.  Nippers are taught all about rips and currents, treating bluebottle stings and understanding flag signals, the fastest way in and the safest way out, when to swim and when not to…in short this is an introduction to lifesaving and most importantly, it’s all about how to look after yourself in the surf.

The ultimate goal is for Nippers to become LIFEGUARDS!

“Nippers” is a life skill and as such we work with the children in various age groups according to their ability.

All children are required to do the Nippers Entrance Test before they can take part in the sea training.  This involves:

  1. Swimming 100m in under 3 minutes without stopping
  2. Treading water for 5 minutes
  3. Fetching an object 1.5m below the surface.

The Nippers Entrance Test takes place at Strand Municipal Pool on specified dates. Once the Strand Pool is reopened we will confirm these dates and provide booking information. Please remember to bring along a certified copy child’s birth certificate to the Test.


The Nipper season runs from the first week in October to the last week in March. Training takes place at the following times during government school terms:

Fridays – 17:00 – 18:30 (Optional)
Saturdays – 09:00 – 10:30 (Optional)
Sundays – 09:30-11:30 (Regular)

Nipper parents are required to spend this time on the beachWe are not a babysitting organisation. All eyes on the water help keep kids safe – both yours and others – we are a family in this regard!  We all work on a voluntary basis so any additional parents on the beach on Sundays is always appreciated!


Our club competes against various clubs in and around the country.

Qualifying is done all through the season under the auspices of Lifesaving South Africa.  (See qualifying criteria below)  We discourage children from attempting to qualify until they are really ready.  What looks easy on paper can be a tough ask in rough surf conditions especially when there are rips that are not obvious on a glorious day.

There are 5 Competitions over the season and take place on Sundays, culminating at the National Championships, which is open to all qualified Nippers who have entered two competitions in the season, one of which being the WP Champs, not just those who may make a provincial team.  There are various disciplines available depending on the age group.


1 x Skull Cap

1 x Costume for girls

1 x Costume or Lycra Shorts for boys

For competitions:  1 x Pink Comp Vest (new safety requirement for all water events)

Interested in finding out more? Contact us on boettger@vodamail.co.za.


A hard-copy of this check list is to be printed and brought along with the other required documents.

Download the Nipper Checklist


This form needs to be filled in and email to Odette at boettger@vodamail.co.za or handed in  at the Club before any nipper can become a member.

Download the Indemnity Form


This is a Lifesaving South Africa requirement so that each nipper has been signed off as healthy to partake in physical activities.

Download the Health Questionnaire


The attached Nipper Agreement Form needs to be loaded with the nipper registration documents. All members are to download, print and sign the form please (by nipper & parent) and return to the nipper officer.

Download the Nipper Agreement

Interested in finding out more?

  1. Contact us on boettger@vodamail.co.za;
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